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The Era of Podcasting 2.0 (Why I use Castopod)

It's been a while since I've talked about podcasting techniques. Few real innovations have taken place lately. Yet there are.

Dimitri Régnier
Dimitri Régnier
🇫🇷 This post is the translation of a French article by Dimitri Régnier : L'ère du podcast 2.0 (Pourquoi j'utilise Castopod).
Dimitri allowed us to cross-post it here.

During the (re)launch of “Le Mégaphone” in July, I decided to migrate all of my audio production to Castopod. I was very happy with Ausha, but the business-oriented features were no longer what I was looking for. I wanted a free and open place that allowed me to experiment as I wanted.

Two years ago I came across this interview in the late Disruption Prostestante:

Always interested in innovation, I contacted Ad Aures, the company behind Castopod, in order to test it.

“Le Mégaphone” has been published for a month thanks to this solution. Everything you expect is there.

The real difference comes from the fact that you are free to install it on your own server. In fact, you guarantee yourself total independence. Analytics are provided by your own hosting platform. The podcast web page is very comprehensive. The distribution on listening platforms and catalogs is impressive! (See below).
Podcast Platforms

Not bad, isn't it?

Finally, if you are a studio or a radio station, in short if you have important requirements and you need to generate several RSS feeds, no problem, no more need to multiply platforms.

Even in beta, the results are awesome. The tool is very functional. Integration with the Fediverse is excellent and improving. In other words, Castopod is betting on allowing audio producers to interact with the public already present on the Fediverse and particularly on Mastodon (a popular alternative to Twitter). This is what Benjamin Bellamy explained in his interview.

As far as I'm concerned, my podcast is autonomous. I am informed when a member of the Fediverse comments or shares an episode. To put it more simply, it transforms it into a small social network in its own right, itself integrated into a larger whole.

Many other innovations are underway, but the potential is already there. Castopod gives creators a freedom more than welcome, as opposed to listening platforms that don't really play the game.

So, do not hesitate to take a look at their site to find out more:

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I am Dimitri Régnier, producer of emotions. I do podcasts, a newsletter and a blog. If you enjoy this work, please support me. Contributions, even modest ones, are a real motivation.


Dimitri Régnier

Passionate about the web, literature and sound, I became a podcast producer and audio trainer in Nantes for companies and individuals.