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How to import your podcast to Castopod

Castopod allows you to import your podcast from any other platform within 1 click!

Benjamin Bellamy
Benjamin Bellamy

Make sure you own the rights for the podcast you want to copy before importing it. Copying and broadcasting a podcast without the proper rights is piracy and is liable to prosecution.

Castopod supports the locking tag: if you try to copy a protected podcast, you will get an error message. If you want to copy a podcast that you protected, you should un-protect it from your former hosting platform panel first.

When you are ready, just write the RSS feed URL of the podcast you are importing:

You also may specify some optional parameters.
(This could be useful for instance when your former platform did not provide any season numbering and you want to add them now.)

Click “Import Podcast” and wait until all episodes have been imported.
Depending on how many episodes you are importing, on the length of each episode, on your bandwidth and server speed, this can take up to several minutes.

When it is done, do not forget to fill the platforms links:

When you have checked that everything is in order, you may ask your former hosting platform to redirect the old feed URL to the new one and you’re all set!


Benjamin Bellamy

Podcasts, e-commerce & open-source. Father of Castopod. CEO of Ad Aures.