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Exploring Podcasting 2.0 Made Easy: Introducing Castopod Index

Castopod Index offers a straightforward and efficient way to discover and engage with a wide range of podcasts powered by Castopod and listed on PodcastIndex.

Benjamin Bellamy
Benjamin Bellamy

Many podcasters and podcast listeners have been asking us how to find podcasts powered by Castopod, that can be followed on the Fediverse. Castopod allows interactions with the audience (follow, like, share, comment) but where are these podcasts?! When will they be promoted?
The wait is over, Castopod Index is here!

Castopod Index

But Castopod Index is not just a directory; it's a resource for podcast enthusiasts and creators alike.

On the Castopod Index website, you will be able to find a selection of podcasts powered by Castopod.

You may search podcasts thanks to these three fields:

  • Text search in podcast title, author and handle
  • Language
  • Podcast category

Three pages are available:

  • Index is the home page with all podcasts, latest published episodes are shown first.
  • New is the page for newly created podcasts.
  • Top50 is the page for podcasts with the largest audience according to OP3.

Castopod Index

Here's what you can expect to find for each podcast listed:

  • Podcast Title: The name of the podcast, providing a glimpse into its content.

  • Fediverse Nickname: Just click on the handle and paste it in your federated social network (eg. Mastodon). You'll be able to follow your favorite podcasts and interact with them without any middleman: like, share or comment any episode you like!

  • Cover Image: A visual representation that captures the essence of the podcast.

  • RSS Feed Link: Easy access to subscribe and stay updated with the latest episodes.

  • Analytics Link: If provided by the podcaster, a link to detailed analytics on OP3.

  • Listening App Links: Convenient connections to all listening apps (Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Antennapod, Podverse, PodFriend, Pocket Casts Podcast Addict…) as provided by the podcaster.

  • Podcasting 2.0 Features: Castopod Index takes pride in highlighting podcasts that utilize innovative "Podcasting 2.0" features:

    • Chapter: Episodes enriched with chapters, complete with links and images.
    • Funding: Discover tipping platforms and other funding avenues used by the podcast.
    • GUID: Unique identification for each podcast.
    • Location: Explore locations mentioned in the podcast, displayed on an interactive map.
    • Locked: Features ensuring anti-copy protection.
    • Person: Get to know the team behind the podcast.
    • SocialInteract: Connections to the Fediverse for enhanced community interaction.
    • Transcript: Access to transcriptions for a more inclusive experience.
    • Value: Information on monetization options like the value4value tag.
  • Audio Clip: A one-minute sneak peek from the latest episode, giving you a taste of what the podcast offers.

  • Follow button: just click and follow all your favorite podcasts from your favorite social network on the Fediverse!
    Castopod Index

The goal of this website is to see the collaborative spirit of the "Podcasting 2.0" community. A special thanks goes to the "Podfather" and the entire team behind this movement, Dave at, and John at OP3.
Their dedication and innovation have paved the way for a richer, more connected podcasting world.

PodcastIndex plays a pivotal role in the evolution of "Podcasting 2.0", acting as a catalyst for the development and adoption of innovative features that enhance the podcasting experience for both creators and listeners. By fostering an ecosystem where new standards and functionalities can thrive, is instrumental in introducing features like real-time transcriptions, enhanced chapter markers, and interactive content. These advancements not only offer podcasters creative ways to engage and retain their audience but also make podcasts more accessible and dynamic for listeners. The platform's commitment to open standards and community-driven innovation ensures that the podcasting medium remains vibrant and adaptable, constantly evolving to meet the changing needs and expectations of its global audience.

OP3 stands as a valuable tool for podcasters, offering insightful open data analytics that are crucial for understanding audience engagement and trends. By leveraging the data from OP3, podcasters can gain a deeper understanding of their listeners' behaviors, preferences, and feedback. This information is vital for tailoring content, enhancing user experience, and strategically planning future episodes. The Castopod Index integrates this feature by providing select numbers fetched from OP3, allowing both podcasters and listeners to glimpse into the podcast's performance and reach. This integration not only aids podcasters in refining their craft but also helps listeners in choosing podcasts that align with their interests, based on popularity and engagement metrics.

Embark on your podcast discovery journey with Castopod Index – your one-stop destination for all things podcasting!


Benjamin Bellamy

Podcasts, e-commerce & open-source. Father of Castopod. CEO of Ad Aures.